The holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving and ending on Jan. 1, is a time for reflection on what SEOs have completed over the year and for gratitude for all of our blessings. From my grub’s eye view, the working SEO ought to be pleased about many things.

most significantly, we have to be thankful that we work in a converting industry, which is full of demanding situations and requires constant learning.
those people who paintings as consultants, ought to be especially grateful for the clients who are looking for our advice and agree with us with their achievement.
third, from a more non-public view, a debt of gratitude is owed to our industry colleagues who willingly and broadly proportion their knowledge and insights.
The list of what SEOs have to be thankful for is surely a great deal longer; but those are, for my part, the highlights.

SEO IS REPORTED DEAD – It just performs Possum
For years, many years even, pundits and authors have proclaimed that SEO is lifeless. every time an obituary is written, or a eulogy added, SEO has developed or morphed to fulfill the ever-changing environment.

Search engine optimization does now not die, it just plays possum — till the proficient and innovative people operating in SEO make modifications to their procedures to make certain that their websites or their customer’s websites are nevertheless The processes used are constantly changing in reaction to every new flip or twist in the seek era.

Because the intention stays the identical — making useful content visible to users — all that adjustments is how we accomplish the aim. Responding to change requires constant getting to know and innovation. for lots SEOs, assembly the demanding situations offered with the aid of the steady trade makes the process interesting.

SEO is a job this is never dull and could in no way grow to be mundane or recurring. For this, I’m individually grateful and eagerly anticipate what the subsequent 12 months of change will convey.

Revere client trust
The marketing power of SEO is nicely-hooked up.

most companies consider search marketing an integral part of their marketing efforts. when a client engages an SEO consultant, the customer is entrusting a key to their business achievement to the representative. not all consultants are created the same. the maximum is moral and range incompetence; however, a few use unethical practices and work damage to their clients’ websites and, by using the extension, to their corporations.

sure! One ought to argue that “caveat emptor” applies to buy SEO services. The trouble is that executives are not positive what evaluation criteria to use.

As an SEO, I like to treat my clients’ websites by the Golden Rule of “do unto others as you will have them do unto you.” this means following moral seek recommendations to the letter and advising customers whilst they may be about to stray into the problem. They do not constantly take the advice, however, it would be unconscionable now not to provide such recommendation.

My gratitude is to those who suppose enough of my talents and admire my values to take my recommendation. There could be no livelihood for search engine optimization consultants without clients inclined to take the danger of searching for our recommendation. For this, I am grateful.

Enterprise Colleagues — A Treasure
Without the wealth of statistics that flows across the industry day by day, it would be not possible to do that process.

Although there are many education packages and guides, search engine optimization isn’t always a discipline that may be found out in school. it’s miles continuously changing, and practitioners are continually passing data alongside about the changes or how to deal with them.

Industry conferences — like PubCon and SMX — bubble with ideas. Even after more than 15 years as an SEO, I still analyze from my colleagues. without their willingness to proportion their ideas, my very own gaining knowledge of could be stunted and my practice much less dynamic.