When it comes to virtual advertising and marketing, social media performs a huge position in generating brand awareness, promoting your products, and connecting along with your target market. each social channel serves key demographics, and distinctive structures have varying degrees of functionality that let you talk your brand message in exceptional approaches.

Facebook has usually been the house of the ‘longform’ submit, where you could speak for days approximately what it is that you do and the way you do it. LinkedIn is the professional network, in which you speak in a more formal placing. Instagram is the visual platform where pix do the speak me, and Twitter has constantly been the channel in which busy customers experiment succinct posts for key facts.

Entrepreneurs have were given used to the way that those channels paintings, tailoring their writing to get the most out of the summit. That changed into till Twitter modified its man or woman-limit from a hundred and forty to 280. This got us thinking, Will this have an impact on the manner that businesses communicate with their audiences on Twitter? – so we teamed up with our pals at Manchester Metropolitan University to find out how users engage with tweets of different lengths.

We notion that being capable of write two times as a whole lot in a Twitter publish is extraordinary information for entrepreneurs because this basically lets us cram in double the number of facts. however, would Twitter customers engage with longer posts when they’re so used to using the platform for quick, sharp bursts of information?

To perform this qualitative piece of studies, we asked 10 volunteers for their Twitter handles, which we used to create a dummy account that could characteristic different debts just like their personality. every volunteer turned into then established to the attention-tracking software program and then advised to browse their Twitter feed as they commonly would. customers were also split into desktop and mobile in order that we ought to distinguish any differences among gadgets.

In common, across mobile and computing device, users engaged extra with tweets that had been longer than 140 characters.

● customers who examine less than 140 characters: spent an average of one.7 seconds reading the tweets.
● customers who study greater than 140 characters: spent a mean of 2.2 seconds studying the tweets.

What these findings reveal is that users don’t skim over longer tweets; in reality, they take some time to read them thru, and despite the fact that 1/2 a second doesn’t seem like a long time, it certainly is in phrases of social media engagement.

Our findings show that organizations ought to take full gain of the longer person matter, due to the fact users will make an effort to read over the longer tweets. whether or not the tweets incorporate images or now not, users nevertheless engage extra with the longer tweet – so if you experience that you want to apply the entire 280 characters to express your logo’s message, then you definitely must.