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Reasons Why Accessibility is Right for SEO and Sales

Accessibility is a factor that has traditionally been at the margins of SEO and internet development. There are solid business reasons for why accessibility have to be a top attention. Accessibility can have a positive effect on sales and SEO. Accessibility should not...

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Things SEOs Should Be Thankful For

The holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving and ending on Jan. 1, is a time for reflection on what SEOs have completed over the year and for gratitude for all of our blessings. From my grub’s eye view, the working SEO ought to be pleased about many things. most...

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The Best Part of Building Websites

Certainly, beyond the reality that I love what I do — which makes pretty much something smooth, even raising kids or puppies — what I meant was that what most clients consider once they consider constructing websites — the coding and programming — is the easiest a...

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